Year 7 Article - Curriculum

English – English is one of the best lessons here at Fairfield. You also get to learn a little history in the lessons too! My English teacher is really nice and helps us understand difficult language in poems or Shakespeare. This year we have been looking at different texts too and learning how to write in different styles.

- Maher


Drama – Drama is excellent, the teachers really push you to your full potential but don’t make you feel disappointed of upset. We have been doing the Jabberwocky and are using our bodies to make our own imaginative creatures. The drama studio is one of the biggest classrooms in the whole school. My teacher has many creative ideas she shares with us which inspire us to do better. You don’t need to wear your shoes, socks or tie but have to look smart again for your next lesson and put them back on. I hope you enjoy Fairfield!




Engineering – Engineering is a really exciting subject. You get to learn all about technology and about designing all kinds of things. If you want to become an engineer when you are older, this is the subject for you! When you first start an engineering lesson, your teacher will get you familiar with all the equipment. Later in year 7 you will be doing all kinds of things like making a phone stand and 3D printing. This subject is almost essential for aspiring architects or builders. A typical lesson in year 7 is probably going to be based around CAD (computer aided design) where you will get to design things on the computer. I wish you all the best in year 7!


- Salma















Physical Education PE is really fun as long as you listen and focus. We do a variety of sports such as football, netball, basketball, rounders and athletics. Our PE teachers are really nice and friendly. For one term we have PE indoors and then swap with another group. For football you will need to have shin pads as it is part of your football uniform. Also, for rugby you will need your PE kit but also gumshields, shin pads and plastic or metal studs so you do not slip o the grass. PE are strict on uniform so my advice is to make sure you pack everything you need the night before to be really organised and not forget anything. I hope this helps you when coming to Fairfield!  














Geography In Geography we learn about things that are happening across the world like tsunamis and volcanoes. We also use maps to do six figured grid references. This is how we are aware of our surroundings. We also watch videos of floods and hurricanes. We use atlases to find out places on the maps and the glossary is very useful as well.


History – Hello, my name is Ennam and I’m in year 7. I am going to write about History. It is one of my favourite lessons and at the moment I am learning about Roman influence to England and the Battle of Hastings. I loved learning about medieval times too!


Computer Studies Hi, I’m Freya. Now I know what you’re thinking – what a big school, how will you know where everything is or will I make any friends. Well, don’t fear, Freya is here but today I am going to talk to you about one of my lessons: Computer Studies! It is taught in a rotation with food technology, engineering, textiles and graphic design. You will explore computers and different computer programs. The main ones are word, powerpoint and scratch. I personally think it’s a great subject and it allows you to show off your creativity using technology.











LanguagesAt Fairfield, you get to choose 1 language as well as French. I chose German. They make it fun by using funny videos and songs. You get to go on a trip to a place in Germany called Colone. Learning languages is useful for jobs when you’re older because you might need it to communicate with foreign people. In French and German, all the teachers are kind and fun. They always understand if you are struggling but do learn your key words and it will help you in lessons.


- Oona


ArtMy name is Sumeya and I am going to tell you about art in year 7. Every term, we learn about different types for example the first style of art ever invented: cave paintings! When you first have art as a subject, you might think that you’re rubbish and you can’t draw but I guarantee you’ll get better within the next two terms! Take it from me!












REMy name is Joe, RE is an incredibly fun lesson. We learn lots of valuable information about almost every religion including: Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism. The teachers are very nice and always listen to your opinion whatever you say, whether it be right or wrong. They will never put you down or tell you you’re wrong but listen to you opinion and also see what others think.


ScienceScience teachers are the most lovely jubbly people you will ever know, at Fairfield, they are even more lovely! Most of the science lessons are practicals where you look through a microscope looking ta cells in depth. You get to boil and burn things, you might even see fire on water or weird purple smoke. You will learn brain boggling, eye popping facts but just remember do not eat or drink any chemicals in the lab or your eyes may actually pop out!!


- Oliver


















MusicIn music we start with a bell work task, this is a task which you do during the register and it gets you warmed up ready for the lesson. Usually we have a list of words that are to do with music and you have to try and work out what it means with your table. Once that is finished we do voice warm ups and tongue twisters which is fun. We use the keyboard and make songs on them and we all get a turn. It’s one of my favourite lessons!

















DanceEvery term in performing arts you switch between drama and dance and we have one lesson a week. Dance is one of my personal favourites because you get to express your feelings; we have lots of fun and also learn about different styles of dance and how to choreograph dances. I have a really nice teacher and I really enjoy the lesson. At the end of the term we get assessed on our progress where we perform our dance in our groups.



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