Year 7 Articles -

Other Fairfield Experiences

Tutor Time – In Tutor time you see your tutor and he or she informs you about what homework you have an other important events. Your tutor is a bit like your primary school teacher except you only see them for 25 minutes in the morning. Tutors are really useful to talk to if you are worried about something for example, if I am worried about homework, I would talk to my tutor.

- Miles


House points – In Fairfield there are four houses like in Harry Potter: Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and Amethyst. You have different ties which show which house you’re in as they are all different colours. Throughout the year, the houses compete for best attendance, most house points and in other competitions like sport and Children in Need. You can get house points for good behaviour, responding to questions and helping teachers.

- Taye


Break and Lunch – This is a time for you to have fun with your mates and enjoying snacks and dinners to fuel your brain. You can play football on the hard courts, hang out in the atrium or read or do homework on the computers in the library. Also lots of clubs happen at lunchtime. You can play basketball in the sports hall and they open it on different weeks for boys and girls.

- Finlay


Summer School – If you’re worried about coming to Fairfield then well! Have I got something for you! Summer school happens before you join in year 7 and you come to Fairfield for one week in the summer and meet new people and teachers. You do tours of the school and play lots of fun games. You also get to eat the food and ask questions to the staff. It was great!

- Noah


Anti-bullying – Hi, it’s Ada, I’m going to talk to you about how Fairfield treats bullying and I will be talking to you about my own experience of being bullied. Fairfield is lovely, but with every school there are some mean people. My experience was when me and my friend were hanging out like all good friends do and some people took it a different way because he was a boy. This happened in primary school and carried on when we got to Fairfield but my wonderful teacher Mr Shand helped us confront the mean people and now it’s fine. On a different note, I also get help from a therapy group in school once a week. It’s amazing and they didn’t have to help me but they did. My advice is don’t bully and if you are being bullied then tell the teachers at Fairfield.

- Ada


Eco Club – I know, I know, I am still here! I will be talking this time about the eco club. It’s run by Mr Walker and he is such a nice teacher and it is all about the wonders of nature. It has improved Fairfield as we have introduced the food waste bins! You can recognise an eco warrior (like me) by our big, green shiny badge saying ECO-WARRIOR! Just to warn you …don’t drop litter in front of us…!

- Ada


What to bring – All of my equipment I bring to school is a green pen, blue pen, red pen, black pen, protractor, compass, pencil, ruler, rubber and very important calculator. You also need your planner every day.

- Abdirazak


Rewards – At Fairfield there are many rewards for outstanding behaviour like getting invited to the cinema club or taking part in fireworks workshops. This will always encourage you to do your best. The rewards are always fun but also benefit you in lessons. Fairfield has shown me that being good can be a really good thing to do; this make me always want to try my best.

- Elsa


Trips – In year 7 there are loads of trips you can go on such as Cologne, Bushcraft, Bristol Zoo, Ski trip. So far I have been on the Cologne trip in Germany and I would really recommend it! With the trips, most of the time they cost money but they give you a while to pay for it. Some of these trips are a once in a life time opportunity to have fun abroad with your friends.

- Miles


The Canteen – This is a place where you can chat with your friends and eat your lunch together. There are two doors that you enter and exit that canteen. It’s open before school for breakfast club, breaktime and lunchtime. The dinner ladies are kind and they give you the options of: bacon/sausage roll, paninis, cheese on toast, mini pizza, pasta pot, salad pots, proper meals like lasagne, roast dinner, curry etc. The food is great and tastes amazing! You pay for it using your PIN code or finger print so you don’t have to worry about losing money.

- Ben


The Library – The library is on the first floor and inside there are 18 computers and over 300 books. The library is really big and sometimes you use it for your lessons. The librarians are really kind and you can also become a student librarian to help out. They do homework club in there and is open before school, at break and lunch and after school.



Clubs – In Fairfield there are so many clubs to choose from! When I came to this school we were told that we were expected to go to at least one club which worried me because I wasn’t sure I would find something I liked. Turns out it was the opposite! There are manga clubs to dance clubs to badminton clubs! Chess club, femsoc, debate mate, nature club, sports clubs, drama club, choir, rock band, everything! At the moment, I do a netball club and we have recently gone to a festival (tournament) and even though we didn’t do the best, we still had loads of fun!


Planners – In Fairfield we have diaries called planners. Our planners are for writing our homework and housepoints in that out teachers give us. My tutor group is 7R and our tutor gets notifications that she passes on to us which we write in our planner so we don’t forget. You can write down your housepoints, your club times and event reminders and notes from parents to your tutor. It gets signed every week and your tutor signs it on a Monday.