Year 7 Article - School Values

Ambitious – In Fairfield, the teachers are really nice and whatever subject they’re teaching they always make it fun and push you to do your best. They make you think about what you would like to achieve and then help you to get there. I like quite a few subjects that I wasn’t expecting to like because of the amazing teachers!

- Urte


Ethical – Being ethical is knowing what is right and wrong. We are ethical in Fairfield because you are taught what is good and what is bad. Good behaviour and being ethical earns you housepoints!


- Noah and Finn


Creativity – In Fairfield we are all creative. We have creative teachers who make our lessons fun and we are creative in our lessons by making excellent work. We have lots of creative lessons like art, dance, drama, music, engineering, food technology, even science is creative!




Individuality – In Fairfield you are allowed to express your emotions and have your own opinions. You are who you want to be and others help you to become what you want. There are lots of clubs for lots of groups of people to have fun with your own hobbies and interests.


- Taye


Inclusive – When I was coming up from primary to secondary I was really worried about not making many friends but once I got here I made loads! Everyone, including all the teachers made me feel safe and included. Fairfield has had a huge positive effect on me. I now have lots of friends and I am having an amazing time at Fairfield.